a new type of fund for a new type of asset class.

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1110.68% Performance till date
-- Performance last 24 hours

Quadarch Fund is India’s first cryptocurrency & cryptoassets focused investment fund, and exclusively capitalizes and invests in blockchain-oriented startups and cryptocurrencies. At Quadarch, we are focused on understanding how the industry of blockchain and blockchain related companies will impact the future. Our team is experienced in both investing and the emergent blockchain technology. Furthermore, by having the deepest possible understanding of the global financial economies & the cryptocurrency market, we translate that understanding into great portfolios and long-lasting partnership with investors.

Within the next several years, we envision blockchains and digital currencies having an established, responsibly managed, and regulated role in the global economy, soon after dis-intermediating a myriad of industries. As we approach this new phase in the blockchain industry, we continue to maintain our current record of success and strive to contribute great value to our investors & the industry. If you are excited about the future and want to participate either as an investor or as an innovative company - you’ve found the right place.

S&P 500


  • 50% Portfolio composition
  • 1291.2% Performance since June 2017
  • 4.2% Performance last 24 hours

Arch 1 strategy focusses on weekly rebalancing of the top 10 cryptocurrencies weighted by market cap. ($1bn + market cap).


  • 25% Portfolio composition
  • 513.5% Performance since June 2017
  • 2.8% Performance last 24 hours

Arch 2 strategy focusses on high-growth and liquidity focused ICOs. Our aim here is to take advantage of pre-sale ICOs, strategically buying into ICOs via SAFTs or during sale.


  • 22.5% Portfolio composition
  • 1448.8% Performance since June 2017
  • 4.6% Performance last 24 hours

Arch 3 strategy focusses on the event driven trading of $100mm + market cap alt coins.


  • 2.5% Portfolio composition
  • 0% Performance last 24 hours

Arch 4 strategy is based on the high frequency algorithmic trading of alt coins using a proprietary algorithm. This is our latest Arch and still very much in beta.

Quadarch is a smart, safe, and convenient way to invest in the cryptocurrency market.

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